Offshore Series Boats

Offshore Series Boats

Custom Offshore Fishing Boats

Length Overall 7.23m Horsepower 400HP

Length Overall 6.40m Horsepower 230HP

Length Overall 6.75m Horsepower 230HP

Length Overall 6.75m Horsepower 250HP

Length Overall 6.40m Horsepower 225HP

Length Overall 5.95m Horsepower 175HP

Length Overall 5.65m Horsepower 150HP

Half Cabin Boats

Half cabin boats are an excellent choice for those who want a versatile and practical vessel. Haines Hunter is proud to offer a range of half cabin boats for sale that are designed with a partially enclosed cabin, providing protection from the elements while still allowing for open-air enjoyment. These boats are ideal for day or overnight trips thanks to their ample seating, storage and sleeping space. Whether you want to go fishing, participate in water sports or explore new waterways, the compact size and manoeuvrability of a half cabin boat can meet your needs. Choose from a wide range of sizes and configurations, catering to different preferences and budgets. We offer half cabin fibreglass boats for sale today.

Ocean Tested Boats for Your Peace of Mind

Haines Hunter takes pride in having the best half cabin fibreglass boats! We’re highly regarded for our superior build quality and attention-to-detail, our premium materials and fittings and our award-winning construction methods. Our fibreglass half cabin boats for sale are rigorously ocean tested in the worst conditions, so you can rest assured that they’ll withstand the elements no matter how choppy they may be. In addition, we ensure that each boat provides both comfort and practicality in the form of intelligent and functional layouts.

With dealer locations around Australia, it’s easy to find a half cabin for sale that meets your needs no matter where you’re situated. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and customer-focused team is backed by half a century of boat manufacturing experience, and we’re renowned for our world-class processes that include using the latest technologies to create the softest riding and most seaworthy boats. We also offer genuine accessories, aftercare, insurance and full seven-year warranties.

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