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Continuing Haines Hunter’s commitment to improve our product, we reserve the right to modify or change without notice, any design, materials, specifications, equipment and/or accessories. Weights and measurements listed in this catalogue are as accurate as can reasonably be determined and can be subject to change. Hull weights and measurements are approximate ONLY and are considered a guide these could vary up to 15%. Haines Hunter does not take any responsibility for weights and measurement accuracy therefore these should be checked by the dealer or customer if this is a requirement that is deemed critical for the use or before purchase of any vessel.

Boats photographed in this catalogue include modifications, optional extras and non-standard features. We strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Haines Hunter dealer for more details.

Photo Credit: Haines Hunter images where provided by Hooked Up Magazine, Fishing Monthly Magazine, Mercury Marine, Haines Hunter/Dealer archive and/or freelance photographers. All Images are the property of Haines Hunter and cannot be used without the written permission from Haines Hunter.

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