Bob McPherson completes 25000 Nautical Miles in his 650R.
30 May 2024

Bob McPherson completes 25000 Nautical Miles in his 650R.

From the vibrant fishing haven of Portland, Victoria, emerges a tale of maritime prowess and unwavering dedication. Bob McPherson, proud owner of the revered Haines Hunter 650R-series since 2010, stands as a beacon of excellence among Australia’s seafaring community.

Having gained the award and title of Australia’s Greatest Boat in 2010, the Haines Hunter 650R Limited Edition is a jewel in McPherson’s maritime arsenal and a cherished member of Haines Hunter’s esteemed R-series range. Its sleek design and unparalleled performance have propelled McPherson on countless adventures over the years.

In a feat that speaks volumes of his passion and commitment, Bob McPherson has charted over 25,000 nautical miles aboard his trusted vessel. To put this staggering achievement into perspective, it’s the equivalent of circumnavigating Australia’s coastline more than 10 times – a testament to McPherson’s enduring love affair with the open seas.

But Bob McPherson is more than just a fisherman – he’s a legend in Portland’s fishing circles. Revered for his expertise and revered for his ability to navigate the most challenging of waters, McPherson embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience.


As the sun sets on another day at sea, Bob McPherson’s legacy continues to grow, a testament to the enduring bond between man and boat, and the endless possibilities that await on the horizon.


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