Choosing your Haines Hunter
14 Sep 2017

Choosing your Haines Hunter

So you’ve settled on a Haines Hunter but you’re having trouble choosing which boat from our range? We can help you. Whether you’re upgrading your Haines Hunter or getting into one for the first time; it’s a fun yet somewhat daunting experience choosing a new boat. With this in mind, here are some things to think about to help narrow down your next purchase.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what size boat you want. Things to take into consideration are where you’ll store it, what kind of car you have to tow it with and then what size boat you’ll need for the kind of fishing, diving or cruising you’ll be doing. While most likely everyone would love to be driving around in our flagship 760, it doesn’t always suit other aspects of our life style and that’s why we have boats ranging from 4 metres through to 8 metres in various configurations. We also have boats designed to suit various budgets and this obviously needs to be taken into consideration.

Once you have decided on size and budget you need to think about what you’ll be using the boat for the majority of the time. Is it predominantly fishing? If so, inshore, offshore, inland? You will also naturally progress and start fishing different areas so keep this in mind too, however, have a realistic idea of what you’ll mainly be doing.

You also need to think about the weather you’ll mainly be fishing in. If you live in a warmer climate and you’ll be doing a lot of lure casting, then one of our centre consoles may be the best choice. If you’re going to be going offshore and you live in a colder climate, then one of our hard top or enclosed boats would be a better choice.

Think about seating arrangements, water skiing and swimming? A boat with a cabin, fold down lounge and a dive door may be best. We have dedicated ski boats, boats that cross over for both fishing and family and we can always add extras to make any vessel more family friendly.

All our boats have a minimum and maximum horsepower ratings. While it may be tempting to just opt for the maximum horsepower, you may find that a smaller engine suits your needs perfectly which will save you money on the initial purchase and on fuel consumption also. Your local Haines Hunter dealer will be able to advise you on your power options and how they will best suit you and your boat.

Taking a Haines Hunter, or a few, on a test drive is very important. You want to be comfortable with the boat you’re about to purchase and organising a test drive with a dealer is the best way to learn about any boat. The dealer can show you all its features and how the boat performs. We encourage you to test boats from other brands. We want you to feel the difference!

The list of options that can be installed on your Haines Hunter is endless and you may need many or just a few. Have a good think about what you need and remember you can always add items as you go along. They may be little things that make your boating more comfortable or they could be electronics, different flooring or additional fishing equipment such as rod holders and bait boards.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what’s best for you get in contact with your dealer or contact us at Haines Hunter. No one expects you to rush into your purchase. We want you to take your time and be more than happy with your new Haines Hunter. We’ll be more than willing to help.

At Haines Hunter we see our relationship with our customers as a life long partnership. Whether you want to upsize, downsize or just get into a newer model we want you to stay with us at Haines Hunter. Once you get the keys and leave the yard that isn’t where the relationship ends. We’re always here to help with any questions you may have. We have a state of the art Haines Hunter aftercare facility and our dealer network right around Australia is always near by for anything you may need.

We hope that this helps you in your purchasing decision and that this will be an enjoyable and exciting time for you. We understand that purchasing and owning a boat is a big decision and lifestyle choice and we want to help make it a memorable and joyous experience. If you need further info, just give us a call.

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