NEW Haines Hunter 700 R-Series & 700 Hard Top
12 Apr 2018

NEW Haines Hunter 700 R-Series & 700 Hard Top


The 2017 Melbourne Boat Show saw the all-new Haines Hunter 700 Enclosed burst on to the boating scene with praise heaped upon it from dealers, media and punters. Sales and pre orders were instantly strong as hardcore fisherman laid eyes upon the new boat of their dreams.

A new all-fibreglass Haines Hunter Matrix stringer system was designed and implemented into the boat and feedback from media, dealers and owners has been outstanding with all commenting on the soft, dry and quiet ride.

2018 now sees the release of the new Haines Hunter 700R and Haines Hunter 700 Offshore Hard Top. Buyers now have the option of getting into a huge runabout with a little less expense than an Enclosed but with all the benefits the 700 models have to offer as well as a Hardtop version.

Managing Director John Haber comments: “Not everyone loves an enclosed. It certainly suits a lot of buyers, especially game fisherman in the south that want protection from the cold, but it’s not for everyone. We designed the 700 for hardcore fisherman and in its ‘R’ version it’s still a hardcore fishing boat but instead of an enclosed you’ve got a bimini clears which are highly functional and versatile.” The ‘Hard Top’ version when paired with good quality clears can give you just as much prodection as the Enclosed while also alowing greater airflow through the helm.

Key features of the 700R & 700HT still revolve around fishing and the premise that bigger is better. New refinements to the 700R come in the way high quality bimini, clears and rocket launcher, while all-new driver and passenger seats with superior bolsters and arm rests provide greater comfort. An enormous cockpit space, huge kill tank, a massive dash area for housing large electronics and huge twin live wells provide an outstanding fishing platform for any style of fishing.

Optimal performance is achieved via built in Lenco trim tabs. Having the trim tabs built into the hull provides far greater control of vessel performance as opposed to bolting them to the transom. The 700R & 700HT offers superior stability at rest without compromising Haines Hunters renowned soft ride from its 21-degree Performance Deadrise Vee. Each model is fully foam filled and can be fitted with either twin or single engines.

Managing Director John Haber further comments: “The 700 is truly an amazing boat. I was recently out fishing next to one off Jervis Bay in a five-metre sea with 25 knots blowing on top and I was amazed at how it handled. It was great for me to be able to watch it charge through what were pretty horrid conditions with ease. It’s not something I get to do all that often, I’m usually driving. I think many anglers will appreciate the 700R, yes there is a cost saving, but it also allows buyers to store a 700R in places where they couldn’t an Enclosed due to height restrictions”.

The all-new 700R and 700HT are now available from your Haines Hunter dealer.

Take a look here: 700 R-Series, 700 Offshore Hard Top

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