The alll-new Haines Hunter 700 Coming Soon
12 May 2017

The alll-new Haines Hunter 700 Coming Soon

More than just a new size and more than just a new shape, the Haines Hunter 700 comprises all new construction, design and fish-ability. Designed over a two-year period by the Haines Hunter R&D team with the input and ideas from some of the best skippers and fisherman in the country, the all-new 700 is a totally new innovation from Haines Hunter.

One of the newest features set for the 700 is an new all-fibreglass Haines Hunter Matrix stringer system. This is a first for Haines Hunter and one that customers had been asking for.

Managing Director John Haber comments: “We have developed an All New

Haines Hunter unidirectional fiberglass Matrix System for the 700, we wanted to build a big boat, that could handle a big fuel tank and big engines, but we wanted to come in under at 3.5 tonne. The fiberglass stringer system has allowed us to keep the weight down, but still provide a very soft boat that has the weight to not get pushed around in a big sea.”

Key features of the 700 revolve around fishing and the premise that bigger is better. An enormous cockpit space, huge kill tank, a massive dash area for housing large electronics and huge twin live wells and self-draining deck will provide an outstanding fishing platform for any style of fishing.

Optimal performance is achieved via built in Lenco trim tabs. Having the trim tabs built into the hull provides far greater control of vessel performance as opposed to bolting them to the transom. The 700 offers superior stability at rest without compromising Haines Hunters renowned soft ride from its 21-degree Performance Deadrise Vee. Each model is fully foam filled and can be fitted with either twin or single engines.

Managing Director John Haber further comments: “there is no questioning that game fishing is back in a big way, maybe bigger than ever. Huge swordfish, massive tuna, days where anglers are catching double-digit figures of marlin and 90km trips out to the shelf are becoming the norm. We wanted to make a boat that offered the ultimate fishing platform for this style of fishing without it being so big that you need an F-Truck to tow it or a redesign of your house to store it. The 700 slots perfectly between our 675 and 760 while offering a host of new design and structural features those hard-core fishermen are going to love.”

The all-new 700 will be available in R-Series, Enclosed and Hardtop and is scheduled to appear at this years Melbourne Boat Show.

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