The Power of Resale!
25 Sep 2014

The Power of Resale!

At Haines Hunter we understand that boat owners are constantly looking forward. While each boat we release is of the highest standard, many anglers and boat owners outgrow their vessels and want to upgrade to larger models.

What Haines Hunter can offer current owners and potential buyers is the power of resale; and with a Haines Hunter it’s very powerful. Our 50 years of design excellence and high quality craftsmanship has made us one of the most sought after and researched boats on the second hand market. A Haines Hunter can still hold excellent value even 10, 15 and 20 years after purchase.

Managing Director John Haber comments; “At Haines Hunter we make boats to last and each model has an almost cult following on the boat and fishing scene. This is what provides buyers with the ability to sell their current model at a great price and then upgrade into a new Haines Hunter. We have countless customers that are in their third or even sixth Haines Hunter and while that’s a testament to the quality of the boat, it’s the excellent resale value that allows them to keep upgrading.”

Many of the design and build processes at Haines Hunter are unique to the industry and are put in place to allow decades of marine use. Whether you’re buying a boat for life or you’ll be looking to upgrade, Haines Hunter’s resale value offers buyers the luxury of choice.

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