Introducing the Latest Addition to the R-Series Lineup: The Haines Hunter 620R
13 Jun 2024

Introducing the Latest Addition to the R-Series Lineup: The Haines Hunter 620R

Excitement is in the air for boating enthusiasts as Haines Hunter prepares to unveil its newest masterpiece, the 620R model. This sleek and versatile vessel promises to elevate your on-water experiences to new heights.

Joining the esteemed R-Series lineup, which includes the award-winning 650R, the Haines Hunter 620R is designed to impress both seasoned mariners and newcomers alike. Whether you’re embarking on thrilling offshore adventures or enjoying leisurely cruises with family and friends, this boat delivers unmatched performance and comfort.


At the heart of the 620R is its innovative design, featuring a streamlined silhouette that cuts through the water with ease. Its open deck layout offers ample space for relaxation and entertainment, making it ideal for various activities, from fishing excursions to sunset cruises.

One of the standout features of the Haines Hunter 620R is its customizable nature. With the ability to be fitted and tailored to suit each customer’s preferences, every aspect of this vessel can be personalized at the factory, ensuring a truly bespoke boating experience.

Enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the Haines Hunter 620R up close and personal. Witness its sleek lines and cutting-edge features firsthand, and discover why it’s set to become the new standard in recreational boating.

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