Club Marine Reviews Haines Hunter 675 Offshore
26 Apr 2015

Club Marine Reviews Haines Hunter 675 Offshore

Have you ever stepped aboard a boat and instantly thought: “Yep, I can see myself here!” It happened to me as soon as I stepped aboard the Haines Hunter 675 Offshore.

Being a keen angler, I couldn’t help but notice the deep-vee hull, sleek lines of the topsides, massive cockpit space, rocket launcher, sports steering wheel and sleek, black 200hp Mercury Verado outboard. I knew we’d be instant friends and I was certainly not disappointed.

Climbing aboard the Haines Hunter 675 Offshore for the first time, there are two things that instantly stand out. The first is the expansive cockpit area, and secondly, the custom-built hardtop that is clearly well constructed.

Elsewhere onboard, the attention to detail is impressive, with no open or unfinished surfaces anywhere. Even the cockpit coamings are enclosed, with neat hatches providing access to the essentials.

Up front, the cabin itself is quite large, with comfortable cushions for a lie down if the fish aren’t biting. This area also provides a large storage place for fishing essentials.

Speaking of fishing – if you’re into it, this boat is for you. From the craftily designed rod storage on the hardtop to the bait-prep station at the transom, you’re more than covered.

There is also a cavernous killtank and a half-door that is perfect for dragging large fish onboard, or handy for those who fancy a spot of diving.

The impressively quiet 200hp Mercury Verado four-stroke outboard is the perfect match for this hull. While the holeshot figures are impressive, it is a well-balanced package with plenty of power, even midrange, which enables quick acceleration every time you need or want it.

Fly-by-wire controls make shifting between neutral, forward and reverse a breeze and ensure the throttle stays where you put it. Coupled with power assisted steering, it feels more like a car than a boat.

The helm seat is comfortable – however, I felt a footrest would be a handy addition.

The standing position is comfortable, with full access to all controls, but short-statured individuals like me may find the windscreen frame in the line of sight when standing.

Built using a unique construction process – including some proprietary mixes of resins, hand-laid fibreglass and a foam-filled hull – Haines Hunter has produced a soft-riding hull that simply chews up chop and swell.

Undoubtedly, the Haines Hunter 675 Offshore is aimed at serious anglers and it won’t disappoint.

The fitout is to an exceptional standard, while the construction of both the hull and internal components exudes strength, giving an air of confidence that is hard to ignore.

The ride is brilliant, with the hull able to cut through oncoming waves while also being stable at rest – crucial for offshore anglers.

– Dominic Wiseman

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