Jack Auld’s Port Stephens Wrap Up And Port Phillip Report
27 Mar 2012

Jack Auld’s Port Stephens Wrap Up And Port Phillip Report

This season was very tough going for most that made the trip to Port Stephens marlin fishing over the past month. Last week there were a few blue marlin and a few yellowfin tuna out wide past the all-mark reef on the continental shelf and a few little black marlin caught in closer.

The best marlin bite by far has been off Bermagui and Eden with plenty of Stripe Marlin caught on lures, skip baits and live baits. The smart fishos started their trips off at Port Stephens, then packed up and ended up traveling south catching marlin on most days. While we had a house for three weeks and people flying in and out, it made it hard to pack up and leave so we stayed and made a holiday out of the trip as well as kept fishing both offshore and in shore.

Other than marlin fishing at Port Stephens, there is always plenty to do on and off the water. We spent a few days catching good sized flathead and small gummy sharks to fill in some bad weather days. The boys also did a four wheel drive day on the sand dunes and beaches along the coast and found some handy surf beaches for jewfish.

If your style is more just to relax on a nice beach and have a swim or sit by one of the marinas and have a meal and a couple of quiet drinks, Port Stephens is really one of those places where you can do a lot or do very little. Plenty to do for the whole family and a relaxing place with a perfect climate.

Now back at home Port Phillip is fishing very well. Werribee South is having a bumper King George Whiting season with big numbers around the Wedge spit and Kirks Point area. Also plenty of quality bycatches of southern calamari, flathead and garfish. So now is the time to get out and get a great feed of Port Phillips finest tasting species.

Offshore in Bass Strait there are still good numbers of mako sharks, most are in the range of 15-30kg with a few bigger models in the mix. Over the next few weeks is prime time to have a crack at these speedy, jumping, hard running fish. Care must be taken when fishing for mako sharks – they have nasty teeth and can do some serious damage if handled incorrectly.If you have never caught a mako before, fish with someone who has would be my advice.

Until next time, happy fishing and boating!

Jack Auld

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